jeudi 20 février 2020

Fiat Lux, Fiat Nox, Fiat Lux (...)

Lux Atacama, Total Solar Eclipse (Timestorm Films, 2019)

Nox Atacama (Timestorm Film, 2017)

South Pole, Antartica (Timestorm Films, 2020)

Transient 1 (Dustin Farrell, 2017)

Transient 2 (Dustin Farell, 2019)

The Man Show Tribute. One thousand frames per second (Dustin Farrell, 2019)

Elements of Iceland (Stefan Forster, 2020)

Greenland, Land of Ice (Stefan Foster, 2018)

Encounter a young wild white Arctic Fox in Greenland (Stefan Forster, 2019)

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